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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ghost Ball

Todays look was inspired by the shoes. I found these at the same place I found the shorts! After seeing them on this Blog. Of course I am being super colorful WITH THE SHOE LACES *points* I don't like to get crazy....the sim is just a random sim that had a basketball court.

On Takuma
Skin: Fox(03) Light
Eyes: [XYR] Emerald Cat
Hair: ***DURA***boy13
Shirts: ARAI - Hemp T shirt black
Pants: [NV] 40G Baggy -jean black-
Shoes: [NV]Org. Chuckys Classic
Socks: ACTION black crew sox white
Necklace: .:: EXODI ::. -The Davarriale Necklace
Necklace 2: [Glow] Studio - rudolf in love (old hunt gift)
Necklace 3: !KK! shoes lace M-O-O-D necklace black (store is closed)
Bracelet: Kari Scribble Bracelet


Monday, August 29, 2011

Warz Way

The music really influenced me this time. Oh and the t shirt find, which you should look into because they are all 1L on the market or Free inworld!!! (plenty to pick all funky fresh)
On Takuma
Skin: Fox(03) Light
Eyes: <<< np >>> ELFIN EYES white out
Hair: !Lamb Glass candy Obsidian
Shirts: Evolution of War ( )
Pants: AMERIE Loose pants - Camo
Shoes: UBU Drunks
Socks: ACTION womens craze socks style 04
Glasses: (W) Ray-band glasses
Bracelet: Kari Gaia's bracelet Red current
Make Up: Sorry.Asia War Paint

Monday, August 8, 2011

Difference in interest

It's been a long time since I felt any inspiration to blog but I recently got these awesome frog legs for an Alt of mine. Of course I had to include my main (he gets jealous). The neat thing is they both have the same skin but the difference is pretty cool considering with a little scruff and a shape change you have a whole new person. ANYWAYS. some old stuff and some new stuff enjoy.

On Takuma
Skin: Fox(03) Light
Eyes: <<< np >>> Dolly eyes (honey/skyblue)
Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Urban Savage 2 [hot 07]
Facial Hair: Jaryth's Barber Shop Sideburns
Chest Hair: Sacred -Chest hair- (group gift)
Shirts: This is a Fawn (Scoop Back Tank Grey)
Jacket: Mr poet- Off shoulder shirt RedPlaid
Pants: AMERIE Cargo pants black
Shoes: Akeyo Chucks
Glasses: (W) Ray-band glasses
Necklace: Kari Tat anchor necklace
Tounge: SNG forked tounge (Group gift
On Calmy
Skin: Fox(03) Light
Eyes: <<< np >>> Vampire eyes (Moss/Twilight)
Hair: [Anaphora] Faggot -Additionals
Teeth smile: [:T:] Parted Lips (freebie marketplace)
Freckles: .ID. MOAR Freckles (marketplace)
Antlers: .ILLUSORY Twig Antlers wilted
Shirts: .:villena:. Gift 3
Pants: Aitui Repose Jeans (pink)
Shoes: Akeyo Chucks
Necklace: [S]oleil - Hopalong Frog Legs (Shockingly Pink)
Ears come from Aitui

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It don't matter if

I have to say it's hard to say no to something good. In SLs case that can be many things. My obsession is always skin, a bit of a collector. I know that sounds mental that's okay, so these skins are from DNA Legacy who has been doing some real good ones lately. The two I'm showing are Axel the cutie in blonde and Damien the Dark haired warrior. Of course this is my version.
The hair is from a place I've never heard of till recently, it's a bit emo but hey I love a good bang in the face! The more inn your face style is from another new gem! Both have some really nice styles for men and women.
So you can take any look and run with it, Im using my very very slim shape and the skins work nicely with it! Definite win for sure.

Skins: DNA Legacy (Axel type 1-freckles, Damien type 3-side Burns 1)
Eyes: ::Exodi:: Soulfull eyes -aqua-
Hair: Axel - Rawhouse/Sorrow/blondes pack, Damien - "LoQ Hairs"/Grappa Cellini For Man /Black Pack

Eye Patch: [Kuroi Hane] Faoni Eyepatch
Shirts: four.ARSENIC freebie shirts (near the doors)